Romantic Art-Deco Wedding in Charming Vila Cerych

It was a hot sunny day, and I saw Nikita and Radim roaming around the garden before they were married. They looked relaxed, happy, natural and carefree. I liked the garden a lot – it was such a calm place surrounded by trees and greenery. The art-deco vila told its own story.

This wedding was special for me as all my favorite things came together on one summer day – beautiful interiors, fashion accessories and shoes, blooming flowers, nice people and great food.

Honestly, I think that's what photography is all about: capturing people in their most natural state without a lot of fancy equipment. 

Venue: @vilacerych

MUA: @vizazistka_martina_malotova

Flowers: @kvetinarstvi.vonka

Wedding gown: @smutnysaty

Jewellery: @27JEWELRY



Edit: @tailored_presets ⁠