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Hello, I am Eva, your photographer.

I am a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Prague, available also all around Europe. I am passionate about capturing moments of your life and making them into precious mementoes. These once-in-a-lifetime images are treasures that you will want to share with your children and, quite possibly, grandchildren. 

I have over a decade’s experience in the photography industry. In my wedding and family photography practice, I made the transition from digital to film photography last year for the sake of the latter’s poetic quality and inimitable look. I now consider myself a hybrid photographer and can easily switch between film and digital.

Listening to your wishes and ideas and being a calm, flexible and calming presence throughout your big day is my great strength. Photography has always been personal for me. I’d love to capture your mementoes. 

I am Eva; it's nice to meet you.

In my previous work life, I was a civil engineer working on brownfield developments throughout the Czech Republic for Anglo-Irish company, with photography as a hobby. I switched careers to full-time photography ten years ago and never looked back. I am a professional photographer.

I made the switch in order to be more connected with my strengths. I found that I have a talent for calmly observing people’s lives and capturing their big moments, turning them into priceless pictures through my lens.

I am also the mom of two beautiful, crazy little girls living in charming Prague, in the heart of Europe. Besides of English, I can speak Spanish and basics in German, I am available all around Europe.

Let's do something fabulous together!

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Kind Words

Kind Words

Dita & Milan

Thanks to photography, Eva is able to "draw" a moment that is difficult to describe in words. She can capture emotions and energy between the two. During the photo shoot, she becomes part of the story, non-violently, naturally, she is a guide but also an observer, she gives the couple a feeling of uniqueness. She gives the couple the opportunity to relive the unique moment of engagement and then use the pictures to tell the story endlessly. I loved that day!

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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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