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Kate's review of her Wedding and Family shootings with Eva Neuman.

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Client review of Wedding photography services

How does a bride feel during a wedding with Eva Neuman as a photographer? Former bride Katka share some moments from her wedding.



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Thanks to photography, Eva is able to "draw" a moment that is difficult to describe in words. She can capture emotions and energy between the two. During the photo shoot, she becomes part of the story, non-violently, naturally, she is a guide but also an observer, she gives the couple a feeling of uniqueness. She gives the couple the opportunity to relive the unique moment of bond and then use the pictures to tell the story endlessly. I loved that day!

meet the person behind the lens

Hello, I am Eva Neuman. Nice to meet you.

I have a talent for calmly observing people’s lives and capturing their big moments. I can turn them into priceless images through my lens.
I switched careers to full-time photography ten years ago from project manager position in development company to be more connected with my strengths.

I am also the mom of three beautiful crazy little kids living in charming Prague.

Besides of English, I can speak Spanish and basics in German. I am available in CZ & EU.

Let's create something unique together.

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