Imagine receiving an honest, empathetic and experienced approach combined with a natural sense of elegance and vibrancy. Together we will create results of the highest aesthetic quality.


Wedding&Family photographer. Based in Prague, working in Italy, France, Switzerland and beyond. Fluent in Czech, English and Spanish.


My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments they’ve felt the most loved and cared for.

These cherished moments serve as a source of strength and inspiration, reminding us of the profound impact of love and compassion in our lives. They are the building blocks of our deepest connections and fondest memories.

Personal taste is something chemical between us and my aim is to first show if we click or not.

If you're thinking of me as your Wedding or Family photographer, let's talk first. Without obligation or worry.

Please send me an email with your preferred time for call and we will meet online first.

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Hello, I am Eva Neuman.

Nice to meet you.

Quietly observing people's lives and capturing their moments in priceless images is my talent. Ensuring minimal interference while empathically adapting to the situation.

Eleven years ago I made a career change from being an engineer and project manager in a development company to being a full-time photographer in order to be more in touch with my strengths. 

I am also a mother of three vivid children, so I completely understand the emotions that come with Family photo shooting.

Small things can bring me joy. In love with watching the crystal-clear azure sea; the breathtaking scenery from mountain peaks, you've just climbed; experiencing the invigorating shock of cold water after a sauna; feeling the warmth inside when you hear your children laugh spontaneously, and enjoying the sense of safety and comfort that comes from my partner's embrace.

Based in charming Prague, available in Europe. Besides of Czech and English, I can speak also Spanish.

Let's create something unique together.


Do you travel to shoot weddings?

Yes, I do. New places provide me with fresh inspiration and new points of view for my work. I am always excited when I receive an inquiry regarding a destination wedding.

How many languages do you speak and where do you live?

I am originally a Czech girl living in Prague. During my studies on Czech Technical University, I also had the opportunity to study in Spain.
In addition to Czech, I am fluent in English and can communicate at a pre-intermidate level in Spanish.

How can we check if our wedding date is available?

Feel free to contact me via email at and I will respond within 24 hours.

What is the price range for a wedding photography package?

The initial package for an intimate wedding of 6hours starts from 1250Eur and ranging up depending on add on's like albums for parents and extra hours.

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