Sometimes I got questions from brides, what I would advice them for tips & tricks for their wedding. So here we go. My 15+2.

1.It sounds obvious, but "uncle Bob with a camera" will not work well. A professional photographer will make sure all photos look great and capture all moments of the day.

2.Communicate your vision – Discuss with your photographer what kind of photos you want, and make sure she/he understand your vision.

3.Have an engagement shoot – Having an engagement shoot will give you time to get comfortable in front of the camera.

4.Take your time – Don’t rush the photos – take your time to make sure the photos look great. Having 20 minutes more makes huge difference.

5.Choose the right location – Choose a location that will provide a beautiful backdrop for the photos you want to take of your own taste.

6.Get the right lighting – Natural lighting is best for wedding photos, so choose a venue with good lighting or plan for photos to be taken during the golden hour.

7.Coordinate outfits – Make sure that you, your partner, and your wedding party all have coordinated outfits that look good in photos.

8.Plan your timeline – Make sure your timeline allows for enough time for taking photos before and after the ceremony.

9.Capture the details – Ask your photographer to take photos of the details of your wedding, such as the flowers, decorations, cake, and more.

10.Have fun – Enjoy the process of having your photos taken and make sure to get some candid shots of you and your partner having fun.

11.Take posed photos – Don’t forget to take some posed photos with your family and wedding party.

12.Capture candid moments – Ask your photographer to take photos of your guests and capture candid moments throughout the day.

13.Have a first look – A first look can be a great way to capture beautiful photos before the ceremony.

14.Get creative – Ask your photographer to get creative with the shots and come up with some unique ideas.

15.Don’t forget your parents – Make sure to get some photos of you and your parents together on the day of the wedding.

16.Include your pets – If you have any pets, make sure to include them in the photos.

17.Have a back-up plan – In case of bad weather, make sure to have a back-up plan for where you can take photos inside.

And that would work in general for many kinds of wedding ceremonies and venues. All of them would be different in the end, but if you bear in mind some crucial points, your are on the right way to having great wedding and having it in memory for the rest of your life.

With love. Eva