Today I would like to share a sample from a family photo shoot that was with @luciezel at her home.

I took this photo at their home, with her partner, daughter and Ťapa. Where she wanted. So that they would be comfortable. If you don't know Lucie, I'll introduce her a little. Lucie is a bibliophile. Professional reader, reviewer and book influencer. She's so great, she's already influencing my kindergartner. She also talks about equality, feminism and sometimes comments very accurately on current affairs.

Lucy's authentic response when I posted the photos: "God, it's beautiful."

If you also want to take a picture of your family as it is, feel free to get in touch. Now is the perfect time. Before wedding season starts in full swing. We will find a place and time that you will find convenient and enjoy in Prague. Outside of Prague, I have to plan things more, but that's possible too. Feel free to get in touch.