Today I would like to show you an example of a family photo shoot in a cafe. With @eliska.remesova

I photographed her with her parents, her husband and her children. If you don't know Eliska, let me introduce her to you. Eliška is a person who spreads valuable and beautiful ideas about relationships and connections on the web. Because #laskajedovednost. She also often talks about how to nurture those good relationships, how to bridge setbacks and in general helps me personally to tune in to long-term sustainable motherhood. 

When I asked Eliska after the shoot what one word she would use to describe the process, her answer touched me deeply. It was "Trust ". 

I am coming to realise that this is my great strength. I am able to tune into what is and what is happening. I become part of your moment to capture it as it is. Then you're real, you know, and you have something to remember. 

By the way, here is the authentic response when I posted the photos: "You do..... Eva.... The slideshow? My eyes are tearing up... Beautiful. Unreal....."

If you would like to have your family photographed as you are, get in touch now. Now is the perfect time, before the wedding season gets into full swing. We'll find a time and place in Prague that suits you. Outside Prague it takes more planning, but it's possible. Don't hesitate to call. More information on my website.