Our road trip dream came true in 2022

I always thought we could take a road trip with our kids. We love road trips. My husband and I have taken many trips in the past, back then without kids.

But to go for a road trip with little kids, it's completely different. 

So 2022, we promised ourselves we would do it. We rented a RV and headed to Italy for almost three weeks. I spent the entire spring preparing an itinerary so I would be ready. I had a map with lots of points I wanted to see and visit. With options and possibilities of where to stay over night and stuff to see and eat. The end point was Tuscany with its clear blue sea, beautiful food and great people.

The journey itself was very challenging at many points.

Not because of the route, but because of the crew. The one-year-old started walking properly and it made a huge difference. We had a lot of fun, but also many difficult moments to solve. The car is really small, so every time you need to cook or move on, you have a lot of home works to solve. Its not just funn, rainbows and unicorns. But on the other hand, kids can experience something completely different from their normal life.

The trip itself is a goal. Not the final destination. So if you take a RV, you want to see many places on the way. I can recommend Alto-Adagio in Italy, the lakes in Austria and Tuscany itself. Great places to visit. Don't miss Brixen, San Gimignano and smaller villages on the coast. Because of three little kids, make sure you know where the playgrounds are :) and have dozen of ice cream in the freezer. 

I am happy that we did it and we returned all of us with hundreds of memories. If you would have any questions about having a vacation in RV with kids, just send me email.