Welcome on private tailored Photography Tour in Prague.

Prague is charming, fabulous, and heart-achingly beautiful. Take your trip as an opportunity for an intimate Photo Tour. I will take you to the best locations in Prague to create unforgettable images.

As a local, who captured Prague for Official Tourist office Prague City Tourism for 5 years, I know the hidden places and off the beaten track scenes.

For having empty places, I highly recommend to start the session early in the morning, just around the sunrise. I know, it can be hustle, but its 100% worth it. Its great experience and also, you will get beautiful set of images afterwards.


Prague Photo Tour

✵ 2.5-3 hours walk through 5 best scenes in Prague
✵ tailor-made planned route
✵ min. 45 carefully edited images
✵ online gallery to share, available for a year
✵ touching slideshow

Price 400 €

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Private Tour in steps

Let's meet

We will meet in your place, where I will pick you up. At confirmed time & date.

Then we will start our tour. Be prepared that we will walk a bit, because Old Part of Prague is best by foot. Also its hilly, so keep it in mind.

We will have time to grab a quick coffee during the tour, if you would need it.


The tour https://en.mapy.cz/s/cazamedepo

We will also go to Valdstejnska garden. Stunning and beautiful gardens. https://www.prague.eu/cs/objekt/mista/526/valdstejnska-zahrada

This tour includes Charles Bridge, Kampa Island, Waldstein Garden, view on Castle Area and front part of Castle. We will not go in to it, because there are long lines for personal security check-in.


Full package of 3hours walk in 5 best scenes is 400 Eur.

The Retainer fee for booking the date & time is 120Eur. I will send you invoice.

The rest 280Eur, bring please in cash to pay after the shooting.

After the Photo Session I will send you link to gallery which will be online 1year. The proces takes 5-10 working days after the shooting. Download code will be prepared for small/big JPGs. Small for sharing, big for prints.

During the tour I would like to make a short video for TikTok/IG also.

meet the person behind the lens

Hello, I am Eva Neuman. Nice to meet you.

I have a talent for calmly observing people’s lives and capturing their big moments. I can turn them into priceless images through my lens.
I switched careers to full-time photography ten years ago from project manager position in development company to be more connected with my strengths.

I am also the mom of three beautiful crazy little kids living in charming Prague.

Besides of English, I can speak Spanish and basics in German. I am available in CZ & EU.

Let's create something unique together.

Tips & tricks

How to prepare clothing?

In my many years of experience, less is more at this point. Thus, clothing ideally neutral, without cheetah & zebra patterns and large lettering or pictures :).

Or conversely, choose one colour/detail that blends in with everything. Maybe stripes, polka dots, or a single colour. 

Pastels and neutrals work wonderfully. White, grey, blue, mustard, pink.. all palette colors work great.

Beard, makeup and jewellery

If you ladies wear makeup, more is less in this regard. Don't worry about it, as the photo will absorb about 30-40% of the beautification and colour. Yes, it does. Ladies, you can apply more :). And if you're not using anything, stick with it. Definitely don't force yourself to do anything.

Choose jewelry and other details according to your feelings and taste.

For gentlemen, I recommend shaving (if you shave) the day before. It's the details that play a role :).

If anything

you can reach me on

+420 777 904 325


IG: @evaneuman_photographer